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The eagle represents a powerful wisdom messenger bringing Great Spirit wisdom to the people. Dream Catchers of the Seventh Fire Dream Catcher Heritage Collection have been delivered by White Eagle Soaring.

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DreamCatchers are not just things. The dream catchers of the Seventh Fire Dream Catcher Heritage Collection are wisdom teachers of the Seventh Fire ProphecyDream-Catchers of the Seventh Fire Dream Catcher Heritage Collection all have stories to tell, wisdoms to teach. I'm Allen Aslan Heart, dream-catcher weaver, storyteller, drummer and a "Kokopelli" dream-dancer of the Seventh Fire. I've been given many stories to tell, wisdoms to teach, but only if you're ready. I've been on an interesting journey that's taken me around the world where I've taught dream catcher weaving to more than 5,000 people of all ages. Starting in Ojibwe country in northern Minnesota, I've carried the Dream-Catchers across the USA, in the UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland since 1993. Still, the dream-catchers of The Seventh Fire are more than story-tellers. Real Dream-Catchers open a path to a new opportunity to understand life on earth, who you are and who you are destined to be. And my journey has offered insight into a new/old paradigm.

On this website, Real Dream-Catchers of the Seventh Fire, I share my story and the wisdoms that I have been taught directly from my experiences and from the Great Spirit, who my people call Geedjee Manidoo. In The Stories Dream-Catchers Weave I tell my story of how the Dream-Catchers wove me. It's often been a humbling experience for a former science teacher as one after another of my scientific underpinnings was swept from under me. I had a front row seat in this comedy as I did what was impossible, time after time. It seemed as thoughDream Catcher weaver and Kokopelli Dream Dancer of the Seventh Fire Prophecy I was being slapped in my face with a True Reality so that I would recognize the powers that can arise from listening to whisperings of the sissagwaad, the Spirit Wind in the heart.

Yes, I look white. I am white...almost. Most of my ancestors were European. Grandma Bertha tried to pass as white 100 years ago. She married Fred Morrill and they had a son, Fred, Jr. But she was called "Buckskin Bertha" when she was a girl. Today I am an enrolled member of the Little Shell Pembina Band and my dream-catchers have been offered for sale in two of the largest museum stores on the Ojibwe reservations of Minnesota and Michigan. In Minnesota, I was honored with the elders for my teaching and weaving of dream-catchers at the Rediscovery Center on the White Earth Indian Reservation. Today you will commonly see Indians with white skin or black skin and everything in between. To be an "Indian" is not strictly a racial category. That's a stereotype fostered by ignorant people and racists. Indian is a way of being. The amazing seer who named me would often remind me after she had heard me refer to myself as "part Indian," "Which part is that, Allen?" She named me White Eagle Soaring. Only later did I see the significance in that.

DreamCatchers are not just things. These authentic Native American dream-catchers teach the natural wisdom of the Seventh Fire--the spiral path of the spirit dream-catchers, double spiral aspiration dream-catchers, twin flame dream-catchers and imagine dream-catchers, as well as butterfly dream-catchers, dolphin dreams dream-catchers, angel dream-catchers, body-mind-spirit dream-catchers, sun and moon dream-catchers, dream star dream-catchers, many dreams dream-catchers, dream within a dream-catchers, pentacle dream-catchers, rolling thunder dream-catchers, four directions dream-catchers, marriage dream-catchers, all nations dream-catchers, natural freedom dream-catchers and more. My sage bundles are gathered at Mount Shasta to cleanse the dream-catchers and yourself with good medicine

Started in February 2007, Real-Dream-Catchers.com is currently a PR 3 and in a few short months has moved into the top .05% of the Google results for the keyword phrase category, "dream catchers" at #13 out of 419,000. If you would like to learn the key steps to search engine optimization, go to REAL Money Is Derived in Play and Business. The Internet is a playful place to soar if you know the fundamental rules. Weaving a web of change and positive energy in art and webmastering on the Internet is a powerful way to communicate with millions around the world, seeking to connect the Oshkimabeezig, the new warriors of the spirit as foretold by the Seventh Fire Prophecy.

Dream-Catchers are wisdom-teachers. If you learn to listen, they will take YOU on a journey of wonder and revelation, too. Illusions are stripped away and new ways are revealed.  Dream-Catchers of the Seventh Fire are waiting for you.

Dream-Catchers Art and Culture of the Seventh Fire

Index of DreamCatchers However You Spell DreamCatcher

all nations dream catcher

angel dream catcher

aspiration dream catcher

bodymindspirit dream catcher

bud of the rose dream catcher

butterfly dream catcher

dolphin dreams dream catcher

dreamafterdream dream catcher

dream star dream catcher

dream within a dream dream catcher

four directions dream catcher

grandfathersun dream catcher

heartdreams dream catcher

imagine dream catcher

many dreams dream catcher

marriage dream catcher

natural freedom dream catcher

path of spirit dream catcher

pentacle dream catcher

power of the circle dream catcher

red eagle of dawn dream catcher

rolling thunder dream catcher

soaring dream catcher

spider web dream catcher

sun-moon dream catcher

sunset-sunrise dream catcher

twin flame dream catcher

all nations dreamcatchers

angel dreamcatchers

aspiration dreamcatchers

bodymindspirit dreamcatchers

bud of the rose dreamcatchers

butterfly dreamcatchers

dolphin dreams dreamcatchers

dreamafterdream dreamcatchers

dream star dreamcatchers

dream within a dream dreamcatchers

four directions dreamcatchers

grandfathersun dreamcatchers

heartdreams dreamcatchers

imagine dreamcatchers

many dreams dreamcatchers

marriage dreamcatchers

natural freedom dreamcatchers

path of spirit dreamcatchers

pentacle dreamcatchers

power of the circle dreamcatchers

red eagle of dawn dreamcatchers

rolling thunder dreamcatchers

soaring dreamcatchers

spider web dreamcatchers

sun-moon dreamcatchers

sunset-sunrise dreamcatchers

twin flame dreamcatchers

all nations dreamcatcher

angel dreamcatcher

aspiration dreamcatcher

bodymindspirit dreamcatcher

bud of the rose dreamcatcher

butterfly dreamcatcher

dolphin dreams dreamcatcher

dreamafterdream dreamcatcher

dream star dreamcatcher

dream within a dream dreamcatcher

four directions dreamcatcher

grandfathersun dreamcatcher

heartdreams dreamcatcher

imagine dreamcatcher

many dreams dreamcatcher

marriage dreamcatcher

natural freedom dreamcatcher

path of spirit dreamcatcher

pentacle dreamcatcher

power of the circle dreamcatcher

red eagle of dawn dreamcatcher

rolling thunder dreamcatcher

soaring dreamcatcher

spider web dreamcatcher

sun-moon dreamcatcher

sunset-sunrise dreamcatcher

twin flame dreamcatcher

However you've spelled Dream Catcher, these REAL Dream Catchers are natural magic from Creator Direct (Manidoog).

Dream Catchers have taken me on a journey that re-opened a portal to the next level of human existence, a worm-hole, as the Hopi describe it. Metaphors have placed this portal into the realm of the unachievable beyond human capabilities. Some like to call it "enlightenment" but, as Osho stated, we are all already enlightened but haven't yet realized it. Christians speak of going to Heaven; Muslims, to Paradise. New Agers seek the Keys to Ascension. Many Native American traditions believe that those who die follow the Path of Souls into the Star Web that white man calls the Milky Way. In the Kokopelli Project we explore the hints in the metaphors we use to hide this portal from our ego-minds. Perhaps we are DESIGNED to be able to pass through this portal and "let our light shine before men." So many wannabees just "wannabee a STAR." A movie star, a hockey star, a business star....Come into the realm of Real Dream-Catchers.  See with eyes of spirit, listen with your heart and soar with the White Eagle.


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Ojibway Encampment by Paul Kane. The Ojibwe wove the first dream catchers made of wood and fiber in response to the Seventh Fire Prophecy

  2007, Allen Aslan Heart / White Eagle Soaring
of the Little Shell Pembina Band
, a Treaty
Tribe of the Ojibwe Nation.

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